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#BargersvilleIN –  You might not think of Johnson County, let alone Bargersville, as a hub of cultural activity- but you would be wrong. Not only is Indiana busting at the seams with breweries (as of this writing there are 96 active breweries in Indiana) but Central Indiana is becoming a destination for brews and food that pairs well with it.

Indianapolis boasts such favorites such as Triton, Sun King, Bier, Flat 12, Scarlet Lane, Indiana City, Fountain Square  and more.

Why not Johnson County?

In the last few years newcomers Mashcraft and Planetary Breweries have joined the scene with old favorite Oaken Barrel and dare to travel a bit south to Columbus and you can encounter brews from 450 North and Zwanzigz as well.

Taxman Brewery Bargersville Fun City Finder

My husband and I were there for opening night and even thought we had to hover a bit, we were able to get two seats at the bar so we could watch all of the action. That night, and in the week following, they served an abbreviated menu. Alternately, on opening night, there were more people in that building than I have ever seen in a place similar. Not only were the area residents excited to give this new business a big opening night- but many people from around Central Indiana were there as well.

Full disclosure- Taxman is roughly 5 minutes from my house. Not only do I want to see this locally owned business do well and thrive, I also am hopeful that they will be just the kick in the pants that business owners need to bring their locations to Bargersville. We have now been 4 times and each time is better than the last.

Their focus is not only local and seasonal beers but also their own Belgium-style brews. In 2013 Taxman began distributing their beer in local restaurants and bars and quickly became a local success. All the while they were working hard on getting their tasting room and brewery ready. In late 2014, their Bargersville location opened to standing room only crowds and rave reviews.

Taxman Brewery Bargersville Fun City Finder

Wine also on tap

Taxman Brewery features a full menu now and in addition to their beers on tap (I lost count at 12) they also offer local wines from Mallow Run Winery in Bargersville as well as a rotating list of other wines. What I love, as a white wine fan, that they have the wine on tap. It comes out just the right temperature, too.

I am not much of a beer aficionado. I am a food writer and I dabble in wine here and there. But my husband is not only a beer snob, but he also brews his own beer. He gave Taxman his two thumbs up seal of approval as did I. What they have done to the building as well as the Belgium-style beer they are creating is unique, tasty and worth the drive.

Taxman Brewery Bargersville Fun City Finder

Upstairs taps

Taxman is family-friendly before 9:00 and has a full menu as well as outdoor seating (and a fire pit to keep you warm). There is room for meetings, small gatherings and small groups. There is a bar area upstairs that is quite large, has restrooms and a great view of the tanks in the brewing area. Downstairs (the main floor) has a very large full bar area, several tables as well as long banquet-style tables in the center.

Get all the information you need about Taxman Brewery on their WEBSITE and on FACEBOOK 

Note: It was raining heavily the last time we were there and it seems like I am only there when it is dark. I will take some updated shots ‘in the daytime’ as soon as I can!